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Mah Govt clarifies thatRapid Antigen Test is being allowed as an option to the RTPCR test with effect from 10th April 2021 for certain permitted activities   Apr 09, 2021

Mah Govt has issued an order dated 9th April 2021stating thatWith, regard to rule mandating the conduct of the R TPCR test that will be valid for 15 days for non-vaccinated staff for various sectors including public transport/ private transport / shootings for films, serials, advertisements, staff related to home delivery services, staff conducting examinations, staff at marriage venues, staff . at funeral venues, eatable vendors, labourers/ workers/staff in the manufacturing sector, e-commerce staff, staff involved in permitted construction activity, RBI re and any other sector where the RTPCT test has been mandated in the above referred to orders, the Rapid Antigen Test is being allowed as an option ; to the R TPCR test. This rule will come into effect from 10th April, 2021

Copy of the order is attached   



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