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Maharashtra Government makes proper wearing of masks compulsory in all establishments. prescribes penalty for violation.   Oct 29, 2021

The Public Health Department, Government of Maharashtra, has issued an Order dated 26.10.2021 regarding compulsory wearing of masks in all offices/  Industrial establishments. The Order has been issued under the provisions of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 and the Disaster Management Act, 2005. The following directions are issued vide the said Order:

a.  All Employees, including visitors in the premises should wear a mask fully covering the mouth and the nose.
b.  The Head of the Establishment should ensure that the employees have been vaccinated with two doses for Covid Prevention as prescribed by the Government by obtaining such a certificate, issued by the Hospital/ Health Authorities, from the employees. 
c. In case of employees who have any difficulty in getting themselves fully vaccinated, the Employer should contact the nearby Vaccination Centre or Public Health Department and arrange vaccination of such employees.
d.   Every employer is required to nominate an Officer, to ensure proper wearing of masks, as prescribed, at all times and to also ensure that the employees are fully vaccinated, 
e.  The Officer so nominated shall be authorized to levy a fine on any employee or a visitor to the establishment who is found not wearing the mask as prescribed under the Order.
f.  The nominated officer shall issue a receipt for the fine collected and shall deposit the fine with the Government. 

Copy of the Order      


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