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Maharashtra orders further restrictions from 10th Jan 2022 as emergency measures to prevent and contain the spread of Omicron Variant   Jan 08, 2022

 Key Points

Private Offices

l .Office Management to rationalise the number of employees through work from home and staggering of working hours.

It is advised that not more than 50% of regular attendance be reached and for this Management may consider flexible hours for employees as well as keeping offices open for 24 hours and working in shifts,

Travel for the office purposes, if office has staggered timings and is working in odd hours is to be considered as movement for essential purposes on production of ID cards by employees. While taking these decisions, safety and convenience of women employees must be taken into consideration.

2. Only fully vaccinated employees to attend office physically. Non-vaccinated employees must be encouraged to go for full vaccination.
3. Strict adherence to CAB by all employees at all times to be ensured by Office Management.
4. Thermal Scanners, Hand Sanitisers to be made available by Office Management.
5. Any organization or establishment or agency that do not follow special SOPs floated for them under these rules from time to time shall attract a fine of Rs 50000/-  for each incidence of such failures and attract closure till the notification of Covid 19 remains in force.
5. In case of repeated, serious or Malafide violations,  IPC 269 / 270 in addition to 188 of IPC may be attracted for arrests and imprisonment.

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