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Bombay Chamber organised a National Seminar on Startups and Entrepreneurship - Trends and Lessons from UK and India as a part of UKIERI activity with the aim to discuss human, financial, technological and strategic aspects for Entrepreneurs and Startups, Share best practices, trends and outlook for entrepreneurship in UK and India, Facilitate opportunities for Startups and Vocational Institutes from UK and India.

Mr. F.N.Subedar, Senior Vice President, Bombay Chamber gave the Welcome address by describing legacy of  the chamber & various initiatives undertaken by Bombay Chamber to promote SMEs.

Mr. Vijay Srirangan, Director General, Bombay Chamber briefed the audience regarding Bombay chamber’s initiative under UKIERI project. He emphasised on Bombay Chamber’s initiative regarding capacity building of SMEs through trainings in the area of business processes and soft skills.

Prof. David Wittenberg  presented case study on traits and skill differences among entrepreneurs in the countries mainly like UK and india. He pointed out in India that our cultural foundation discourages young entrepreneurs. Therefore role of education system is more significant.

Panel discussion on Skilling  youth for dynamic challenges in Entrepreneurship

Panel Discussion on Skilling youth for dynamic challenges in Entrepreneurship focussed on: Role of Incubation Units, Alumni Associations, Lessons, Outlook for changing modes of learning/skilling, International landscape, Resource Generation for Start ups, Innovation, Creation of Job Opportunities /Livelihoods / Empowerment.

Panel Discussion on Technological transformations and diversities in Start ups

Panel Discussion on Technological transformations and diversities in Start ups deliberated on Degree of automation, Impact on quantum and efficiency of human resource, Employment, Mobility of people, Sectoral diversities, Success rate / Sustainability- how existing system can be leveraged to boost entrepreneurship , Linkages to manufacturing sector (Make in India),Scope for UK-India business opportunities.

Panel Discussion on Business Models for Entrepreneurs  

Panel Discussion on Business Models for Entrepreneurs was focussed at Unit Economics, Revenue Models and Lessons from Failures.
“From small to big”, the event was attended by entrepreneurs, as well as full time employees, and also various investors who were exploring robust ideas to invest in.
The event was supported by several incubators, angel investors and educational institutes.
The seminars also encompassed people who had built their companies from scratch, but the scale of operations made them need assistance of partners and investors. Various students have expressed their interest in joining the community with entrepreneurial inclination and wide range of business experience.
To extend our reach to young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, Bombay Chamber used social media extensively for the promotion of the event. Bombay Chamber’s social media presence improved considerably in a short span of fifteen days. 

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